Back to basics chicken keeping

Cluckin mad about chickens.


Two chickens that have lost nearly all their feathers in the annual moult.

Moulting chickens with FAQ and pictures.

A chicken suffering with coccidiosis

How to treat and prevent Coccidiosis in chickens

My light Sussex chickens on my allotment

Allotment chicken keeping

A show quality blue Andalusian chicken.

The blue Andalusian chicken breed profile

how much and how often to feed your chickens.

How much do you feed to chickens

a flock of Altsteirer chickens

The Altsteirer or Styrian chicken breed profile

A bantam chicken in a show cage at a poultry event

The A to Z of chicken breeds

An infestation of red mites in a chicken coop.

Tackling the dreaded red mite in chickens.

How to sex chickens.

Sexing chicks. 10 ways that work and 8 that do not.

Earthworms raised for chickens

Earthworms for chickens.

A chicken enjoying a dust bath in the sunshine.

Dust baths for chickens and what to fill them with

Taming and training your chickens

How to tame and train chickens. With an 8 week guide.

Can and should chickens be laying eggs in winter

How to get hens to lay eggs in winter.

A chicken coop in an urban backyard

Urban and city chicken keeping made easy.

A rooster drinking fresh clean water

Wading through the watering of chickens!

A soft shelled egg laid by a hybrid chicken

Why are my chickens laying soft or thin-shelled eggs?

Some of my chickens perched on a roost in the chicken coop

The lowdown on roosts, roosting and perches with FAQ.

two chickens eating lemon slices

Can chickens eat Citrus Fruits?

The crop is easily seen on this barnevelder chicken

Crop problems, prevention and treatment

A rare breed chicken

Choosing chickens a beginners guide.

A chicken foot with a classic case of Bumblefoot.

Bumblefoot in chickens, the risks, treatment and prevention

Chickens can have bananas and will eat the skin if chopped up small.

Can chickens eat bananas

A chickens eating strawberries from my hand.

Can chickens eat strawberries and other types of berry fruit.

Mealworms for chickens

Mealworms for chickens

Vaccinated chicken free ranging

Is vaccinating chickens necessary?

A rat in a cage trap

Dealing with rats when you have chickens

An egg in a nest, just what every backyard chicken keeper wants

Chicken nesting boxes, everything you need to know.

a guide to the symptoms chickens show when they are ill and what to do about it.

The sick chicken symptom checker.

Help people with chickens, a guide to charities

A list opf resources to the most common questions in poultry keeping


12 reasons you should not keep poultry

Can western keepers learn from a study in Rural India?

A young chicken

The Ultimate guide to buying chickens

A barnevelder cockerel with impressive feathers

Chicken Feathers

Some of my chickens in winter.

How to insulate a chicken coop in the UK.

Some of my re-homed ex battery chickens

Rehoming ex-battery or rescue chickens

Two common types of Hybrid chicken

Meet the Hybrids

Raising chickens can be fun and challenging

Raising Chickens

How do you find the best hatching eggs on ebay.

Buying eBay hatching eggs a quick and simple guide

The results of a test hatch from my new Hampshire red bantams.

Incubation and hatching