Are Japanese bantams friendly?

A show quality Japanese bantam

Over the years I have kept plenty of Japanese bantams. I find them so full of character that I can't bear not to have them about.

I take a lot of pictures and video of chickens and the little Japanese bantam is always one of my favourite subjects.

Are Japanese bantams friendly?

Japanese bantams are friendly, easy to tame and like human company. If you are after an easy to keep breed that you can handle and train then the Japanese is for you.

Mine are happy to join me when I'm wandering around my fields and I find them getting on my head and perching on my shoulders.

Are Japanese bantams good with kids?

Japanese bantams are good with children. As a bonus they are easy to show and move around but on the negative side they are not big producers of eggs, laying only 3 a week or so in season.

I have never had a bad tempered Japanese chicken.

Are Japanese bantams docile?

Japanese bantams are a docile breed that rarely cause any trouble in the flock. The males are not fighters by nature and the hens have an amazing temperament and are sweet and easy going.

The males don't seem to know they are tiny and will happily chase the full size hens about trying to mate with them. I find this hilarious to watch even though it has never been successful.

Below: Here is one of my Japanese bantams chasing a large fowl Buff Sussex hen.