Where to get Pekin bantams and how much to pay.

A row of Pekin bantams on a perch

Where to get Pekin bantams:

Pekin bantams are a rare breed and not that many people keep them so they can be a little difficult to find. The price is very variable as well depending on the season and the type you are after.

There is quiet a lot of demand for the Pekin as they make excellent pets and are quiet and docile and easy to look after.

If you want only hens you will need to buy older birds as they are difficult to sex when young so buying eggs or day old chicks will leave you needing to re-home the males.

Places to look:

  1. Local breeders. You often need to hunt them out as they don't publicise themselves well. You may need to order them and wait for them to be hatched and grown on before you get them.
  2. The internet. A search will show your local breeders.
  3. Join the breed association. Breed associations keep lists of current breeders but expect to pay a premium for registered chickens.
  4. Facebook groups. Join the Pekin or hatching egg suppliers pages or groups on Facebook
  5. Ebay for hatching eggs. A riskier method of getting Pekin bantams but you may be lucky.

How much do Pekin bantams cost?

Pekin bantams cost between £25 ($35) and £40 ($55) for full grown birds. Pedigree or show birds can cost as much as £70 ($95) each. The average price I can find is £30 ($42)

The price varies depending on the colour and feather pattern to some extent and stocks are likely to be limited as Pekin are not prolific layers and have seasonal tendencies.

To buy Pekin bantam hatching eggs expect to pay in the region of £1 ($1.50) to £5 ($6.50) depending on the season and type you are after.

Below: Pekin bantams hatching eggs.

To buy Pekin day old chicks expect to pay £4 ($5.50) to £8 ($11.00).

Below: Day old Pekin chicks for sale.

To buy Pekin bantam growers normally start at £15 ($20.00) depending on the age of the birds.

Below: Grower pekins for sale.

When buying Pekins take great care as there are many odd colours that are not allowed in shows so know your breed standard.

Pekin bantams for sale:

Pekin bantams breeders directory:

If you breed Pekin bantams and want to be included here please email me with details of what birds you keep, a short description of your operation and a few pictures of your birds. admin@clucking.net