Recommended products for chicken keepers

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Below is a list of the products I use as a chicken keeper:


Pest Control:

Pest control can be a real problem for chickens and poultry keepers.

Rats and mice. Wrestle back control from vermin today with these proven methods. Hassle free pest control delivered to your door. Traps, multiple catch, baits, poisons and glue traps. 
Mites, red mite, fleas and lice. Treat these pests quickly and effectively. Get $5 off your first order.
Flies. Fly lights, traps and baits.

Supplements I use for my chickens and poultry.

Product.Why I like it.Where to get it


Seaweed is a powerhouse of trace vitamins and minerals.

Seaweed is available at most animal feed merchants that cater for horses.

3lb Kelp flakes - US

Amazon UK


Dried brewers yeast

Brewers yeast can be 1% B vitamins and is rich in protein.

Available at your local animal feeds merchant.

Amazon UK

Amazon US


Rooster booster


Easy to administer in the water.

Amazon US

Amazon UK.

Diatomaceous earth

A safe, non toxic which controls parasites effectively and improved egg quality and feed efficiency.

I recently tested 6 brands of DE that are suitable.

US - HARRIS Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade, 2lb with Powder Duster Included.

US - Earthborn Elements Diatomaceous Earth (12 oz)

UK - 1kg Diatomaceous-Earth Superior Food Grade UK by Natural Sources™ 



Small amounts added to the feed improve yolk colour.

Paprika bulk - US

UK - 1 kg bag


Small amounts added to the feed improve yolk colour.

38 oz bulk - US

UK -  1 kg bag

My chicken feeder of choice:

My feeder of choice is a galvanised metal trough. Solid sturdy and everlasting.

My chicken waterer of choice:

These galvanised metal bucket waterers last forever, are easier to clean and don't grow algae. UK - 2 gallon.  US - 2 and 5 gallon. 

Treats for chickens:

Treats can be nutritious.

Product.Why I like it.Where to get it
Shelled sunflower hearts or kernelsRich in trace minerals and vitamins. Excellent during the moult.

UK - 5 litre sunflower hearts.

US - 1 kg sunflower kernels.

MealwormsChickens go mad for insects.

US - Various weights mealworms.

UK - 5 litre bucket mealworms.

Scratch grainsExcellent for adding variety to the diet and keeping hens active.

US - Manno pro 7 grain scratch. 

UK - 5 litre tub.