My Name is Neil Armitage.

I grew up living in Africa and came back to England in the early 1990's.

I currently live in North Yorkshire with a very understanding wife and work for a conservation charity called the National Trust.

I have kept poultry for more years than I care to remember including Guinea Fowl, Ducks and Turkeys in addition to around 300 chickens from 22 different breeds.

My hens are kept in 6 and a half acres of fantastic North Yorkshire countryside and I am a firm believer in things being allowed to roam free.

The Barnevelder was my first breed and I successfully bred Silver laced Barnevelders in both the large fowl and bantam.

Over the years I've seen and made a great many mistakes with chickens and essentially thats is what drives me to write about poultry. It isn't after all my skills with the pen!

This is  one of my La Bresse Gauloise. A young pullet. A breed I have kept for around 10 years now.

I Am also very lucky to have a science background and be married to a Chemistry Teacher and have access to some scientific equipment to help with my research into chickens.

This is an analytical balance accurate to the ten thousandth of a gram. This Wyandotte bantam hackle feather is just 119 ten thousandths of a gram. I have also been doing some research into how much calcium is absorbed by the chick from the shell during incubation.

You can email me on webmaster@clucking.net.