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Feeding Chickens

So just what should you be feeding your birds, and how?

Feeding Chickens

You don’t need a large flock or an expensive setup to get eggs for your table as there are many breeds lay 5 or 6 eggs a week. It is however best to have a minimum of three hens, as they are sociable creatures who like the companionship of others of their kind.

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All about eggs

The egg, its structure and biology. Some surplus egg recipes

Selection of eggs

In the winter they roost up next to their friends, and in the summer they’ll dust bathe in groups and flop around in the sun.

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Pictures of all things Poultry

hatching poultry

Raising your own chicks is incredibly rewarding and I hatch around 3000 a year both with hens and in incubators. I also breed chickens to help improve my strains and for showing so what I have learned about genetics will appear in these pages as well.


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The inns and outs of poultry breeding and practices.

newly hatched rare breed chicks


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Meet the hybrids 

Hybrid hens

Hens are bossy, demanding, endlessly curious and easily gratified. They are comical to watch, make great friends to your family, provide amusement for you, and supply eggs for the table. I’ve enjoyed keeping chickens for more than twenty years. Currently, I have 140 birds across 22 types living in separate coops and fenced yards.

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The Chicken coop

The chickens house, nesting box and run

the chicken coop

You’ll need to provide your chickens with a henhouse to give them shelter from inclement weather, a place to lay eggs, and a safe haven to spend the night.

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Problems with chickens

Diseases, problems with poultry, vermin and predators

Poultry emergency and care

The more space your chickens have, the healthier and happier they’ll be. During the day the chickens need access to sunshine and an outdoor run. They need a place to dust bathe and protection from predators.  The term pecking order originated with poultry.

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Raising chickens

From the ball of fluff to adulthood.

Raising birds

Chickens enjoy free-ranging, and it’s the best life for them. However, it’s not always practical or safe. Chickens tear up plants, eat everything from flowers to tomatoes, and will quickly turn a small lawn into packed dirt. When you have chickens you have losses.  Predators and disease will thin your flock

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Incubation and Hatching

Preparation, incubation and hatching with reasons for failure and some fun experiments.

incubation of eggs

My egg flock does just fine without a rooster, and I have no problem with bullying in my flock despite not having the male influence.  It is possible to find a nice, although they are rarely quiet, rooster and I always select good natured cockerels for breeding and keeping.

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Research, other sites we like and teaching aids.

Poultry resources


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Day to day chicken keeping



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Poultry Breeds

From Ancona to Yokohama. 

poultry breeds


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Buy hatching eggs, feed and seeds for sprouting.

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