Back to basics chicken keeping.

Keeping chickens can be a rewarding experience. They can provide you with fresh eggs, companionship, and entertainment.

Cluckin mad about chickens.


Barnevelders were my first rare breed as well as first breeding success.

The art and science of breeding chickens. See my successes and failures.

The creeper gene in Japanese bantams is one of the more well known lethal genes.

Lethal genes in chickens and poultry and what to do if you have them in your flock.

Our survey results.

Our survey results. How do you compare to 2731 other chicken keepers?

A good selection of well coloured chicken eggs.

Egg size and colour chart by chicken breed.

Diagram showing some of the feather faults in chickens

A complete guide to the feather faults in chickens. What causes them and which ones can be fixed.

Some of my chickens in the snow we had last winter.

Keeping chickens in winter. What I do to look after my flock in the cold, rain and snow.

A flock of chicks with their feed.

Chicks not eating? Helping baby chicks to eat and the reasons some new hatchlings struggle.

A newly hatched day old chick but which part of the egg did it comes from?

Which part of the egg becomes the chick?

A batch of fodder I have grown for my chickens.

Fodder for chickens, 14 seeds tested and how to grow it with almost no costs.

The correct conditions for setting up the incubator for dry incubation.

Dry incubation and hatching, does it give better results and should you be using this method.

Can a sick chicken make its keeper ill.

Which diseases can humans catch from chickens and how to protect yourself.

My flock of heritage chickens roosting for the night.

Why your chickens are awake at night and what to do about it.

My chickens are all considered to be pets.

Chickens as pets: Which breeds to choose and how to look after these easy to keep egg-laying companions.

A show winning gold pencilled Wyandotte hen.

The Wyandotte: A look at one of America's favourite chicken breeds.

A limping chickens is sick or injured and needs care

Limping, hobbling and lameness in chickens, what is causing it and how to treat it.

A gold laced Sebright cockerel show winner

Sebright bantams. A hen feathered delight with over 200 years of history.

One of my chickens eating her pellets.

When to switch chicken feeds. Going from chick ration to growers and on to layer pellets.

A very sick chicken. Learn how to identify the common chicken diseases and how to treat them

Common chicken diseases, their causes, symptoms and treatments.

Keeping your own chickens is environmentally friendly friendly

Sustainable chicken keeping. Create an environmentally friendly and healthy backyard flock.

My egg flock getting their daily dose.

The vitamins and minerals in chicken feed.

A comparison images of  the colour of my egg yolks before and after.

The secret to brighter egg yolks. How I naturally changed the colour of my yolks in 30 days.

Egg yolk colour scale from pale yellow to bright orange

From pale yellow to deep orange: A guide to egg yolk colour and why it is important.

Dealing with a fox that has been killing your chickens or other poultry.

Outfoxing the fox, the complete guide to protecting your flock with all your questions answered.

A blue Pekin chicken at a poultry show

The complete list of chicken feather colours with pictures, video and breed examples.

An insect that has been treated with diatomaceous earth.

How does diatomaceous (DE) earth work?

A poultry supply shop advert from 1915.

The history of backyard chickens.

Chickens being fed fodder as fresh greens.

How to provide fresh greens for chickens in winter.

A whole flock of chickens sleeping in the nest box.

11 reasons chickens sleep in nest boxes and how to stop it.

This is one of my Barnevelder cockerels resting on the grass in front of a row of trees.

Should you have trees in the chicken run and which ones are the best.

A bucket of fresh eggs collected from my hens. All chickens are seasonal  layers to some extent.

Seasonal chickens vs Year round layers

Egg shell thickness and strength and how to measure it.

Thickness and strength of eggshells and why it matters.

All the eggs from all birds currently kept as poultry.

Poultry eggs FAQ. Everything you ever wanted to know about eggs.

Chickens forage instinctively, it is not a learned behaviour.

All the chicken behaviours, and which are instinctive or learned.

The mobile air cell in this egg is clearly visible.

Detached, saddled or tremulous air cells and what to do about them.

An egg clearly showing the air sack in the round end.

Air cells in eggs. Where to find them and what are they for.

The floating egg method of testing the freshness of eggs with the results.

How to test eggs for freshness. 4 methods with the results.

A chicken behind bars

The laws and regulations of chicken and poultry keeping.

A chickens having a poop.

Diarrhoea in chickens. What causes it and how to deal with it.

27 actionable ways to save money on chicken feed and keeping costs

27 ways to save money on your chickens and their feed bill.