Where to get Barnevelders and how much to pay for them.

How much do barnevelder chickens cost and where can you get them

Are Barnevelders rare?

Quality, well marked Barnevelders are rare and expensive chickens but you can find hatchery grade specimens at quite a few places.

Quality Barnevelders are difficult to find as a lot of breeders that exhibit their chickens don't tend to sell them, and if they do they never part with their best specimens.

Below: You can sometimes find good livestock at auctions.

You can find Barnevelders to buy:

  • From specialist breeders.
  • On websites and forums.
  • Buy chicks from a hatchery.
  • Join the Barnevelder club.
  • Poultry auctions.
  • Facebook groups.
  • Buy hatching eggs from eBay if it is allowed in your country.

How much to pay for Barnevelders:

For the standard double Laced Barnevelder you can expect to pay from $4 for a hatching egg, from $7 for straight run chicks and $75 for fully grown birds and stock Cockerels.

For the rarer Silver Laced Barnevelder you can pay as much as $49 per sexed chick and $200 for fully grown hens or stock cockerels. I charge £60 each for fully grown large fowl silvers and £50 for bantams.

Below: Splash Barnevelders like these can easily be $100 each.