Are Pekin Bantams noisy?

A flock of Pekin hens in the garden

So you want a small quiet breed that would be good in an urban garden and with children and are wondering if Pekin bantams are a good choice.

Are Pekin bantams quiet?

Yes, as a rule the Pekin is a quite breed, some are louder than others and some have distinctly noisy personalities, a bit like you get with most chickens.

So they can be quiet but each individual bird is different, just as it is with all chickens. Pekin bantams are quiet being bantams make less noise than large fowl chickens.

Yes Pekins can be very friendly and docile. I have quite a few and they love being held and are quite docile. But not all of them and it really depends on the individual bird

My Pekins aren't that noisy really but can do quite a lot of loud clucking if stressed, and when one lays a egg sometimes they all sing along.

What is it like to live with Pekins?

They are no trouble at all, being small and docile they are easy to care for. They are not the most productive layers and are really an ornamental type for show. They do need dry conditions because of their feathery feet.

Is a Pekin cockerel crow loud?

No, as a rule the Pekin cockerel is quiet. They do crow like any other male chicken but for the most part it is not disturbing although it can be high pitched.

Below: A video of a Pekin bantam cockerel crowing.

One of my Pekin cockerels is quite loud and makes more noise than my old Wyandotte cockerel! But I do have several other another Pekin cockerel who had a sweet, low, quiet crow and one who just seems to squeak.

My Pekin cockerel has a low, quiet crow, but does crow a lot. Luckily for me, two of the other chicken keepers in our road also have cockerels, and they are of 'normal size' breeds, which out-crow my little chap many times over

They are quite high pitched short crows - rather than long drawn out ones.quite high pitched short crows.

Are Pekin hens noisy?

As a rule the Pekin is not a noisy chicken, mine a very quiet, both my Serama and Silkies make more noise, maybe the Pekins just can't get a word in.

Below: Here is a video of some Pekin bantams eating a cauliflower in the garden.

So you can see that they are happy go lucky birds that make a good choice for peaceful environments.