How big do pekin bantams grow?

A fuly grown Pekin bantam

The thing about Pekin bantams is they look bigger and heavier than they actually are.

The Pekins has feathered feet and the body feathers of the Pekin a so profuse that they cover them from head to foot, completely hiding the feet and giving them a round shape.

The Pekin chicken breed is a true bantam chicken of Chinese origin. Pekins are light weight birds between 600 and 800 grams and are short, only every reaching 20-30cm tall. The males are a little bigger than the hens.

Pekin bantams size:

Shorter than any other bantam and with short heavily feathered legs, Pekin hens reach 20-25cms in height and weigh approximately 570g whereas the cockerels are on average 25 to 30cms and and 680g in weight. 

Below: A comparison showing the relative sizes of Pekin hens and cockerels.

Suggested and standard weights and sizes for pekins:

With Pekin bantams for showing, the males or cockerels need to be bigger than 680g (24oz) and smaller than 795g (28oz) whilst the hens should be between 560g (20oz) and 680g (24oz)

Being very well feathered makes them look bigger than they actually are. They are often affectionately referred to as fluffy balls, walking tea cosies or powder puffs.

Pekins are round bodied and walk with a slightly forward tilt. This makes it look like their heads are a little closer to the ground and makes their beautifully intricate tails look rather like a Victorian woman's bustle.

Below: Pekins don't look nearly so big when they are not all puffed up.

This tilt is one of the main characteristic of Pekins as are the short and heavily feathered feet and legs.

This small and delightful breed is quite popular and comes in some of the most elegant colouring.