The Double Laced Barnevelder

A beautiful example of a double laced barnevelder hen

The Standard Gold double laced Barnevelder is the most common and available in many countries on both sides of the Atlantic. Although it is now called the chestnut in the UK.

Since the first edition of the Barnevelder breed standard was published revisions have been made in the Club Standards. These are fully dealt with in the present edition, which has been entirely rewritten and brought up to date.

Barnevelder hens have a beautiful pattern on their feathers,  a brown or chestnut ground colour feather with double black lacing to produce an arrowhead effect.  The neck feathers are black with no patterning.

Barnevelder males are single laced and are melanistic black breasted reds. I have learned from breeding them over the years that you can not correct defects in the pattern of the lacing by your selection of the male.

They lay around 180 to 200 golden brown eggs a year and the colour for the egg follows the Dam or hen meaning you should select hens from brown eggs for breeding.

Barnevelders have a single comb and red ear lobe. The breed has an upright stance, a broad full breast and short wings carried high, making them poor flyers. The skin color is yellow.

Below: The standards ideal Barnevelder.

The question of Laced-breasted males needs some discussion. It is a requirement in the UK standards that Barnevelders have laced breast feathers but in the continental standards a solid black is called for. 

Standards differ the world over so the breeder will need to look up his local club to find the current country specific standard.

 All varieties have very prominent orange eyes and very yellow legs. They are hardy birds with a smaller than average, or fine, comb and are good layers of large brown eggs.

The Barnevelders are medium heavy dual-purpose chickens laying a good number of eggs but also yielding a reasonable carcass if your interest in in raising chickens for meat as well.

They are hardy birds and good foragers. It is sought after for its dark chocolate or coffee coloured brown eggs. This beautiful bird is docile, quiet and doesn’t mind being confined.

The Bantam Double laced Barnevelder:

The double laced Barnevelder is available as both a large fowl and bantam.

It was created by selecting a small standard bird with other bantam fowl.

Below: A double laced bantam Barnevelder.

Notice the proud stance, yellow legs and fine comb.

Double laced Barnevelder chicks:

What should double laced Barnevelder chicks look like?

Barnevelder chicks have a brown to black down with a white through to yellow breast patch which can sometimes even be quite dark as well. The down colour varies depending on the type. 

The real characteristic that is common to all Barnevelder chicks is the two white stripes down the back either side of a dark stripe.

You can see it clearly in the bantam silver double laced babies as well. Here the stripe is nearly black.

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