The Splash Barnevelder

A blue splash barnevelder hen free ranging on grass

What is a splash Barnevelder?

Splash means different things to different breeds of chicken, usually it is a base colour either white or blue with splashes of other colours in.

Splash in the Barnevelder is a double dilution of black or double recessive. It is called sport in some breeds like Games. Black is BB, Blue is Bb, and Splash is bb. Breeding blacks/blues/splashes will give different amounts of black/blue/splash.

Splash Barnevelders are blue with varying amounts of chestnut or red in the feathers of the back and sometimes the chest.

Below: A pair of slash Barnevelder growers.

You can breed splash Barnevelders using two blue laced birds and the offspring will be 1 in 4 splash.

Below: My Splash Barnevelder rooster.

Once you have a splash male you can breed really nicely marked blue laced Barnevelder hens by covering a standard gold double laced hen with a splash male rooster. This is really the best way to reliably produce blue laced hens.

Breeding a pair of splash birds together will give 100% splash offspring.

The Barnevelder breed profile.