Guinea fowl and other pets.

Guineas tend to ingore most other pets.

Can you keep Guinea fowl with dogs and cats?

Guineas like other poultry can be kept with household pets as long as boundaries are maintained and standards set.

Yes, if you dog is well trained. Other wise it may end up chasing the Guinea fowl and causing mayhem. They are more difficult to catch but I have seen a dog run down a Guinea before.

Below: Guineas can easily set off a dogs natural prey drive.

I have a very well behaved Spaniel, and my Guinea fowl just surround him and honk indignantly at him for a few minutes and then move off.

My cat will never go anywhere near the Guinea fowl and an average domestic cat does not stand a chance against guinea fowl.

Guineas and other poultry:

Guinea fowl can be kept with all other types of poultry without any issues. If you keep your poultry confined in a run then it would be wise not to mix Guinea fowl with chickens. My Guinea tend to keep themselves to themselves and ignore everything else.

Guinea fowl are turbulent and restless, continually moving from place to place, and domineering over the whole poultry-yard, boldly attacking even the fiercest turkey cock, and keeping all in alarm by its petulant pugnacity. They can be very disruptive but if kept free range the fuss is generally minimal.

The males, although without spurs, can inflict serious injury on other poultry with their short, hard beaks.

The Guinea-fowls make very little use of their wings, and if forced to take to flight, fly  a short distance and alight in trees or on rooftops.

Guinea fowls place great trust to their rapid mode of running and their dexterity in threading through the mazes of brushwood and dense foliage.