Can and should chickens eat figs.

My chickens eating figs as a treat

The fig is a  large shrub or small tree grown for its ornamental foliage and sweet fruit which grows wild in many parts of the world as well as being cultivated in many gardens and greenhouses.

Can chickens eat figs?

Chickens can eat figs with no problems at all but they should be rationed and only fed as a treat as they are high in sugar and low in protein.

My chickens will eat figs and if you leave the greenhouse door open they will help themselves straight of the tree.

The leaves of the fig tree contain a toxin which is very unlikely to kill even small animals like chickens but may make them unwell.

Do chickens like figs?

Chickens adore figs.

Below: Here are some of my chickens eating figs.

You can freeze figs whole or in halves as a hot weather treat for chickens.

Are figs good for chickens?

Figs are good for chickens in small amounts as they contain trace minerals and nutrients but bad in large quantities as they are too high in sugar and too low in protein and may end up upsetting the balance of the diet.

Figs contains 3% of protein, which is not high enough to be a good feed for chickens so figs should only ever be an occasional treat. 

Ripe figs have a high sugar level so never feed more than a quarter of a fig to each of your chickens.

Dried figs are more calorie and nutrient and sugar dense than fresh figs but the odd one won't do them any harm. Bought dried figs may also have preservatives or pesticides on them.

Fig rolls or fig newtons have a very high sugar content and should not be given to chickens as it can upset the digestion and give chickens dirty bottoms.

Ripe figs are very soft and too much soft watery food is not good for your flock.

Chickens should not eat the leaves or get to the sap of the fig plant itself as it can be an irritant and eating loads of fig leaves could make chickens sick. the leaves of the fig tree contain the chemical ficin which is known to be toxic to animals.

How to feed figs to chickens:

Figs can be fed raw or cooked and either whole or chopped up.

Give one fig for four chickens no more than three days a week.

Never feed rotting or mouldy figs to chickens.

Frozen fig halves make a brilliant hot weather treat for chickens.