Where to get Silkies and how much to pay for them.

How much is too much to pay for silkies.

For Silkies you can expect to pay between $4 and $15 ( £3 to £10) for a hatching egg, between $10 and $40 ( £7 to £30) for chicks and between $40 and $100 ( £30 to £75) for adult birds. Price is dependant on colour and quality.

What is the cost of Silkie chickens and where to buy them.

Everybody seems to have a different opinion of what age is best to buy chickens at and what is the best way to acquire Silkies. As a general rule Silkies can vary greatly in price depending on the quality and condition of the bird how "show worthy" they are.

There is no standard price for a Silkie. Prices vary depending on the age of the chickens being sold, the location, seller, and the quality of fowl that they are offering.

The cheapest way to get into Silkies is to buy fertile eggs and incubate them yourself.

Below: Silkie bantam hatching eggs for sale on eBay. Notice the comb is wrong though, it should be purple.

Small incubators and equipment are readily available on amazon or eBay.

Second to that option in cost, is to buy week old Silkie chicks.

Cull the roosters at 9 to 12 months of age when you have decided which ones you are going to breed from. Keep your pullets and in a year's time you will have valuable hens.

That’s what we breeders have to do. It’s slow, it’s costly, it’s a lesson in patience, but they are so worth it!

How much does a Silkie Bantam cost?

Silkie chicken prices vary a lot. Silkies cost from around $20 (£16) to $120 (£80) per bird and in my opinion it's best to buy them from a breeder so as you can see the stock you are getting.

I bought a quality Quad of Silkies, 3 hens and a cockerel, from auction 2 years ago for £120 or around $150. These were 30 week old birds just about to start laying and in my opinion that is the peak of the value for a chicken.

Top of the quality range is $10-15 per chick and $25-50 for a hen or stock breeding cockerel.

Average garden birds start from $3 and the cost increases about $1 a week as the birds age.

On average a hatchery quality Silkie chick is $4.00 (including shipping).

So how much can I sell my Silkies for?

Standard price I see is $15-20 depending on quality.

If someone is selling show quality birds then you will need to see the evidence.

I personally wouldn't get rid of any until you are sure of the gender, otherwise you might end up with culling hens.

Once confirmed females, I wouldn't sale for less than $20 before reaching lay and $25-30 once started laying and still in their first season. Value goes down FOR ME, as they reach 2nd season or later.

I wouldn't pay more than $10 (£8) for a chick or $40 (£32) for a fully grown bird, even from show stock and especially not from a non NPIP source.

You get what you pay for. Do you want a flock of Silkies that actually look like Silkies, or do you want something that might resemble a Silkie, but then again, it might not?

Remember, it costs just as much to feed, house and care for a mediocre bird from a mediocre flock as it costs to feed pretty pet Silkies that came from a breeder who cares about the breed. The purchase price is only a small part of the cost of your flock.

Keep in mind you will be able to sell your eggs and chicks more easily if they come from good parents.

Where do you get Silkies from?

You can but Silkies from:

  • Gumtree.
  • Buying direct from breeders.
  • Craigslist.
  • eBay. In some countries you can buy hatching eggs on eBay.
  • Facebook. Seek out chicken groups and breeders.
  • Auctions. Poultry or livestock auctions have a selection of chickens for sale.
  • Become member of the poultry club and find a list or registered breeders.
  • Find breeders online or look in forums.

Things to watch out for when buying Silkies or hatching eggs:

If you are buying eggs then make sure they are breed standard and from well cared for and fed parents. Check the eggs for cracks, avoid dirty shells and candle them to make sure all the membranes are intact.

The parents should conform to the standards and have NPIP.

If you are buying chicks then make sure they don't have any obvious defects like splayed legs and deformed keel bones. With Silkies the fluffy feathers and skin colour is very important.