Can and should chickens be eating pineapple?

Some of my chickens getting chopped pineapple as a treat

My chickens did eat the pineapple I gave them but were not really bothered by it.

Can Chickens Eat Pineapples?

Chickens can and will eat pineapple and seem to like it but they should only be given small amounts and occasionally.

Below: Here is my hybrids getting some cooked pineapple chunks. If my chickens really liked it, it would be gone as it hit the plate.

Pineapples are very high in sugar and contain large amounts of the enzyme bromelain.

Are Pineapples Healthy For Chickens?

Pineapple is not healthy for chickens especially the skin and core.

Fresh pineapple has the highest levels of bromelian.

Dried pineapple is nearly 50% sugar and is not good for chickens. Dried pineapple is also likely to bee to chewy for chickens to eat.

Cooked pineapple has the lowest levels of bromelain but often has added sugar.

Tinned pineapple in water is fine in small amounts but avoid any that are in pineapple juice or with added sugars or sweeteners.

Pineapple juice should never be given to chickens.

So whats the problem with too much pineapple?

Apart from the extra sugar, pineapples are packed with the enzyme bromelain, particularly in the stem and skin. This enzyme is used to tenderise meat and is so effective that eating pineapple too often can loosen your teeth.

Below: Here is my chickens not really being too bothered about pineapple!

The Enzyme Bromelain is is known for its ability to break down protein chains and is so strong that pineapple processors have to wear gloves and masks since the juice will eventually eat away at the hands and face and it it isn’t uncommon to come away with dry, flaky skin or even small sores.

Now bear in mind that chickens can't wash themselves so if they get pineapple juice on them it may end up damaging the skin.

Can chickens have pineapple scraps?

You should not feed chickens pineapple scraps.

Pineapple skins, cores and tops contain the most bromelain and should be composted rather than given to chickens.

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