The Autosexing Barred Barnevelder

A trio of autosexing barred barnevelders in a show cage

Many , including me for a while thought these existed no longer. They are continental EU only.

The autosexing barnevelder was produced by adding the barring gene to a good strain by a repeated system of backcrossing. The males are homozygous for the gene and are hatched whiteish and grow up light barred.

The females being haplozygous are hatched brown striped and grow up greyish brown. The sexes can be readily identified at birth.

Below: An autosexing Barred Barnevelder.

Recognized in Germany in 1988.

Bred in Germany with the aid of autosexing Bantam Bielefelder. Bantam Niederrheiner and Bantam Italiener (German-type Leghorn) were also crossed in.