Wyandotte colours and types.

A blue laced red Wyandotte, one of the prettiest colours.

Wyandotte chickens are known for their striking colours and patterns, making them a favourite among backyard poultry enthusiasts. With their distinct feathers and stunning hues, these birds can add a touch of vibrancy and life to any chicken coop.

In the United States, nine colour varieties are recognised by the American Poultry Association: black (1893), blue (1977), buff (1893), Columbian (1905), golden laced (1888), partridge (1893), silver laced (1883), silver pencilled (1902) and white (1888).

Below: A buff Laced Wyandotte in close up.

With bantam Wyandottes, the same nine colours are recognised, with the addition of buff Columbian.

The Poultry Club of Great Britain recognises barred, black, blue, blue-laced, blue partridge, buff, buff-laced, Columbian, gold-laced, partridge, red, silver-laced, silver-pencilled and white.

Below: A partridge wyandotte bantam hen.

The Entente Européenne, the European poultry authority, lists thirty colours for the Wyandotte. 

Wyandotte chickens come in a variety of colours, ranging from deep, dark shades to bright, eye-catching hues. Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular colours and patterns.

BlackBlack Wyandottes have a solid black plumage with a green sheen or a dull intense black. Their sleek, glossy feathers are a deep, lustrous black, with a greenish sheen that shimmers in the sunlight.


Pure brilliant white plumage with no hints of yellow or brassiness in the feathering. In White Wyandottes the presence of brassiness on surface, or creaminess of quills or under colour is a serious defect and is to be discounted.


Blue Wyandottes are known for their striking slate-blue feathers, the blue plumage has a black sheen. 

Barred Wyandotte

Alternating bars of black and white. The ideal is clearly marked and even barring with well defined straight lines on the feathers.
BuffBuff Wyandottes have a buff-coloured plumage, a warm, inviting shade of golden yellow . The colour should be even. Lighter is preferred.

Buff Laced

Also called the white laced gold, Buff Laced Wyandottes have a buff-coloured plumage with a white lace pattern around the feather edges. 


Columbian Wyandottes have a white plumage with a black neck ring and tail. The ideal is clearly defined lines between the black and white and no trace of yellow in the white feathers.

Golden Laced

Golden Laced Wyandottes have a golden-coloured plumage with a black lace pattern around the feather edge. 


Partridge Wyandottes are another unique variety, with feathers that look like they've been painted in rich, warm colours. The feathers are effectively triple laced with colour on the outer edges of the feather.

Blue laced Red

Blue laced Red Wyandottes have a solid red plumage with a blue lacing around the edge of the feather. 

Silver Laced

Silver Laced Wyandottes have a silver-coloured plumage with a black lace pattern. A stunning variety with an eye catching pattern.

Silver Pencilled

Silver Pencilled Wyandottes have a silver-coloured plumage with black pencilling. 


The red Wyandotte is a dark red/brown all over.

Mille Fleur

The mille fleur Wyandotte has a dark brown ground colour on the feathers with black crescents and white spots on the tips.

Buff Columbian

Just like the Columbian pattern except buff ground colour instead of white.