Back to basics chicken keeping

Cluckin mad about chickens.


Everything you wanted to know about Guinea fowl in a short question and answer format

Guinea fowl frequently asked questions (FAQ's). With links.

Guinea fowl at a watering hole

Guinea fowl and their care.

A selection of eggs from different poultry species all kept for their eggs

Which birds are farmed for their eggs

Chicks in a brooder with a red light and a heat lamp

Do chicks and baby chickens need a light at night?

Can you successfully incubate a craked egg like this one.

Will a cracked hatching egg survive incubation.

A broody barnevelder hen on a nest

7 ways to break broody hens and 6 ways to prevent broody hens.

Chicks are cute but get sick easily and die quickly

Whats wrong with baby chicks that are sick, unwell or dying?

A selection of chickens eggs

Do the hens mind you take their eggs?

A cuckoo Pekin Bantams perching .

Pekin Bantams.

A true bantam cockerel in a show cage

The True Bantams.

A flock of chickens being scatter fed with corn

Scatter feeding chickens

A breeding flock of barnevelder chickens eating sprouted grains

Sprouted grains for chickens with 17 types tested

2 hens fighting while a cockerel watches them

Why chickens fight and how to stop it.

A mixed age flock of chickens basking in the sunshine

How do you tell the age of chickens?

Mealworms just may well be illegal to feed to chickens

Why is it illegal to feed mealworms to chickens

A chicken with an encyclopedia

Dictionary of Poultry words and terminology (inclucing acronyms)

An incubator full of day old chicks

What percentage of chicken eggs will hatch

Defining pure or heritage breed chickens

What is a pure or heritage breed chicken

All about the complex genes of chickens

Chicken genetics, gene table and breeding

Pictures, video and measurements to show what is going on iside the egg during the 21 days of incubation

What is happening inside the egg during incubation?

One of my flock of red sex link chickens.

Red sex-linked chickens and how to breed them.

Do you need to deal with broody hens or can you just leave them

Do you have to break a broody hen?

A young buff Sussex chicken foraging free range.

What to grow to help feed your chickens.

My egg flock eating windfall pears.

Can chickens eat pears?

A flock of chickens in a neighbours garden.

How to keep a neighbours chickens out of your yard or garden.

One of my Golden comet chickens.

The Golden Comet breed profile.

My flock of barnevelders eating nuts

Can chickens eat nuts? And which ones?

A chickens feet scratching in sawdust

What is wrong with my chickens feet?

Sudden death syndrome in chickens

Sudden death in chickens

3 of my copper black marans hens free ranging

Marans chickens. A complete breed guide.

A batch of fermented chicken feed, ready to use.

Fermented chicken feed. Should you and is it worth it?

Drunk chicken cartoon

Can chickens have beer, wine, spirits and alcohol?

Three of my hens eating grated carrot

Can chickens eat carrots?

My bantam barnevelders on deep litter

The deep litter method for chickens

One of my young la bresse chickens free ranging

la Bresse Gauloise chicken breed profile.

My chickens eating celery. they seem to like the crunch.

Can chickens eat celery and celeriac?

A white leghorn hen with a dirty bottom.

Why do my chickens have dirty bottoms

The five freedoms for chickens safeguard their basic rights

The five freedoms and what they mean for chicken keepers.

My egg flock getting stuck into left over apples

Can chickens eat apples