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A home produced Guinea fowl prepared and trussed ready for cooking

Raising Guinea fowl for meat.

A guinea fowl on her nest with keets.

Guinea fowl nests and nesting boxes.

A large nest full of Guinea fowl eggs.

Guinea fowl eggs.

A brooder with 25 guinea fowl keets.

Raising Guinea fowl keets successfully.

Telling the males from the females is difficult with Guineas.

Sexing Guinea fowl.

A flock of Guinea fowl feeding free range.

Feeding Guinea fowl.

A prime example of a male Guinea fowl.

Male Guinea fowls

A guinea fowl taking a dust bath to help keep parasites away

Do Guinea fowl get parasites?

A dog with a dead Guinea fowl.

Guinea Fowl Predators

A Guinea fowl with all its wing feathers intact.

Clipping and pinioning of Guinea fowl wings.

Guineas and chickens eating mixed scratch as a treat

Treats for Guinea fowl.

A family of multi coloured guinea fowls

Breeding Guinea fowl.

Guinea fowl suffer less disease than other types of poultry but they do get sick.

Diseases of Guinea fowl.

Catching guineas requires patience and determination.

How to catch Guinea fowl.

A flock of Guineas eating in a garden

Can you keep Guinea fowl as pets?

A flock of guinea fowl having a communal dust bath

Do Guinea fowl need a dust bath?

Guinea fowl love to be free range but not everyone can.

Free ranging your Guinea fowl.

There are 20 or so guinea colours with more being bred all the time

Guinea fowl colours for adults and keets.

Everything you wanted to know about Guinea fowl in a short question and answer format

Guinea fowl frequently asked questions (FAQ's). With links.

Guineas are much more agressive that other types of poultry under the right circumstances.

Are Guinea fowl aggressive?

Guineas are different from other types of poultry and are not as easy to keep as chickens

Are Guinea fowl easy to keep?

A flock of Guinea fowl out in the snow and ice.

Are Guinea fowl winter and cold hardy birds?

Guineas will eat anything that fits in their mouths.

Are Guinea fowl good pest control?

A flock of guinea fowl surround a snake.

Guinea fowl and snakes.

Guineas tend to ingore most other pets.

Guinea fowl and other pets.

A nest of guinea fowl eggs.

Guinea fowl hatching eggs and how to select them.

A domestic Guinea fowl in full flight

Do Guinea fowl fly?

A printed plate of guinea fowl in the wild

The history and origin of Guinea fowl.

There are good reasons to keep guineas and just as many reasons not to keep them

The pros and cons of keeping Guinea fowl.

Guinea fowl can be trained to some extent and can become tame eventually.

Can you tame and train Guinea fowl?

What equipment do you need to keep Guinea fowl

Guinea fowl basic equipment list.

Where can you find guinea fowl to buy and how much will they cost you.

Where to get Guinea fowl and how much to pay for them.

What do you need to know before you get guinea fowl.

Before you get Guinea fowl.

Are you allowed to keep guinea fowl?

Can I keep Guinea fowl?

4 guinea fowl free ranging

Beginners guide to keeping Guinea fowl.

Vulturine Guinea fowl in grassland

Types of Guinea fowl

pages, sites and resources that might be of use to chicken keepers

Poultry keeping links and resources

Guinea fowl at a watering hole

Guinea fowl and their care.

.What to do after chickens have died.

After chickens have died.

A dying chicken

How do you know if chickens are dying?