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Telling the boys from the girls is very difficult with silkies.

Sexing Silkie chickens

Bantams never seem to be sold sexed.

Why are bantams only sold as straight run

Bantams can be good egg producers as well.

Why keep bantam chickens

A selection of different types of bantams

Types and varieties of bantam chickens

Two different sizes and colours of Silkie chicken.

Types and sizes of Silkie chickens

Silkie cockerels are generally a pleasure to have around.

The Silkie cockerel

A selection of eggs from my bantam chickens.

Bantam chicken eggs

A beautiful white Silkie at a poultry show.

Silkies for showing and how to prepare for judging.

A sick Silkie chicken with an eye infection.

Silkie problems and diseases

Silkie chickens and parasites

A pair of Silkie chickens eating.

Feeding Silkies and what to give as treats

A free range chicken out on grass.

Should I free range my chickens and bantams?

How much is too much to pay for silkies.

Where to get Silkies and how much to pay for them.

The breed standard of perfection for the Silkie chicken.

Silkie breed standard.

A silkie chicken plucked and ready for cooking.

Keeping silkies for meat

A family of Silkie chickens.

Incubating and hatching Silkie eggs

A Silkie chicken from the history books.

History and origin of the Silkie chicken

Silkies need a little extra care.

Care of Silkie chickens

One of my Silkie cross chickens I use for hatching chicks.

Broody Silkie chickens

Organic feed is more expensive but better for your chickens.

Organic chicken feed and do you need it

What is the best thing to put on the floor of a chicken run.

What is the best floor materials for a chicken run?

Should you give your chickens extra light and how to do it.

Artificial light for chickens

Good fences are a necessity for chickens.

How high do fences need to be for chickens?

Bantams will dig up your garden, ruin your lawn and dust bathe in your flower beds just like all other chickens.

Will bantams ruin my garden?

When well looked after bantams live a long time.

How long do bantam chickens live

Do bantams need smaller coops than large fowl.

Bantam chicken coops and housing

A bantam wyandotte in the snow.

Bantams and winter

Feeding chickens easy if you follow a few simple yarmulkes

Chicken feeding mistakes

Chickens can get lonely, feel depressed and be sad.

Do chickens get sad, lonely or depressed?

Breeding bantam chickens is a little different to breeding large fowl

Breeding chickens and bantams

Should you get large fowl or bantam chickens.

Should I get large fowl chickens or bantams

Large chickens and bantams can be kept together quite easily if a few rules are followed.

Keeping bantams and large fowl chickens together

Most people get Silkie chickens to be pets.

Silkie chickens as pets

This si my pet cat. he is no threat to any of my chickens but some cats are a problem.

Bantams and cats

Bantams are smaller than other chickens and need to be kept inside for longer before they are let out to free range.

When can bantams go outside?

Bantam chickens are a lot smaller and quieter than large fowl.

Are bantam chickens quieter?

A splash rose-comb bantam chicken in a show cage

Bantam chicken keeping

This is one of my Barnevelder cockerels resting on the grass in front of a row of trees.

Should you have trees in the chicken run and which ones are the best.

A bucket of fresh eggs collected from my hens. All chickens are seasonal  layers to some extent.

Seasonal chickens vs Year round layers

3 white orpington hens and a cockerel on pasture in my garden

Orpington chickens as pets