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A selection of eggs from my flock of chickens.

When do chickens start laying eggs

A lavender Silkie hen in the grass.

Lavender Silkie chickens

A silver dutch bantam rooster.

Bantam roosters and cockerels

A raised coop makes the keepers life easier.

Should Chicken coops be raised up of the ground?

A frizzle chicken at a poultry show.

What are Frizzle, Sizzle and Frazzle chickens

A show quality partridge Silkie at a poultry gathering

Partridge Silkie chickens

A beautiful full white Silkie on beach sand.

White Silkie chickens

three colours of Silkie chicken sat on a perch.

Silkie colours.

Silkies are one of the oldest known breeds

11 fascinating Silkie facts

A chicken coop with the windows clearly visible.

Chicken coop windows

Bantam chickens do tend to be more friendly.

Are bantams friendly?

A broody hen on a nest but can you persuade hens to go broody.

Can you make a hen go broody?

A Silkie hen enjoying her time in the dust bath.

Do Silkie chickens need a dust bath?

A snake eating an egg in the nest

15 ways to keep snakes out of the chicken coop.

Should you put food and water in the chicken coop?

This is definitely a happy chicken. How can the keeper tell whether their flock is happy and in good health.

How do you know if your chickens are happy?

A pop hole in a home built chicken coop

Chicken coop doors and pop holes

A nest full of eggs from my light Sussex bantams

Are bantam chickens good egg layers.

Chicken coops can be too big or small and both have their problems.

Can a coop be too big or too small

A happy broody hen settled on her nest.

Are bantams broody?

A young chickens looking for food in fresh pasture.

What do chickens eat naturally?

Hens do like water but will drown easily.

Can and should chickens swim?

A mother hen with a large brood of chicks.

How many chicks can a chicken look after.

Chickens free ranging on fresh pasture.

How to provide fresh greens for chickens in winter.

Silkies do roost and it is important for all chickens to be able to perch.

Do Silkie chickens roost? And how high should they be.

A whole flock of chickens sleeping in the nest box.

11 reasons chickens sleep in nest boxes and how to stop it.

What should you avoid when breeding or buying Silkies.

Faults in Silkies.

I test 4 of the current range of automatic coop door openers .

A review of automatic chicken coop door openers with 4 on test.

Washing a bathing Silkies  so as they look nice for they show.

How to wash and bath a Silkie.

Older hens have some special needs but are very useful to have around.

Dealing with older hens or biddies.

A showgirl Silkie perching

What is a Showgirl Silkie?

A close up of a silkie chickens feet showing some of the problems they have.

Looking after a Silkies feet. Common problems and treatment.

Silkie chickens are some of the slowest growing  chickens

How fast do Silkie chickens grow

A lost chickens peering out from under branches.

Lost chickens

Show chickens are impressive but how do you breed better stock

Improving your show stock of chickens

Mother hens are very good at looking after their young but lack the equipment to nurse.

Do chickens breastfeed or nurse their young?

Two Silkie chickens in the snow.

Silkies in the ice, cold and wet of winter

A well bred Silkie hen.

Breeding Silkies and Showgirls

What happens if you breed bantams and large fowl chickens together.

Breeding bantam and large fowl chickens together

A tray of Silkie eggs showing the colour

Silkie eggs