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A selection of differntly coloured eggs

Egg colour table for all chicken breeds with images and productivity.

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Egg colour is hugely subjective and often he source of much disagreement among keepers. A friend and I often argue over eggs I would call cream but he reckons are brown.

Table of Contents:

Which chickens lay which colour eggs?

The colour of the egg is the result of pigments being deposited during or after shell formation inside the oviduct of the chicken.

Egg colour is genetic and can vary between hens of the same breed and even from the same hen over the course of a laying season.

Please bear in mind that this is a general guide and there is a great deal of variation between hens of the same breed.

All egg shells are made from calcium carbonate and are either white or blue with all other colours being produced by various shades of pigments laid down on the surface of the egg as it is being made.

The brown pigment that is laid down on the surface of the egg is called protoporphyrin IX, which is an iron compound similar to the haemoglobin in your blood.

What are the different colours of chickens eggs?

Below: Here is a grey egg amongst a selection of other colours. It's not a trick of the light or photo-shopped and was laid by an Araucana cross Cream Legbar owned by Magners farm, Fethard, Co. Tipperary Ireland.

A selection of multi coloured eggs.

Picture courtesy of Magners farm.

Table of egg size and shell colour by breed of chicken (Hybrids included):
Breed of hen Egg shell colour Egg image Egg size Productivity
Altsteirer White / Ivory. Alsterier egg
Large. 180 / 200 eggs per year.


Light blue.
Amerucuana eggs are light blue


150 / 180 eggs per year.
 Ancona  White.  Eggs
                  from ancona chickens.  Large.  240 / 260 eggs per year.
 Andalusian  White.  2
                  eggs from andalusian chickens  Large.  220 / 240 eggs per year.
Appenzeller Spitzhauben.  White  Eggs from tyhe appenzeller  Large.  180 / 200 eggs per year.
Arucuana.  Blue / Blue-green.
 Arucuana eggs  Large.  150 / 180 eggs per year
Asil / Aseel.
 Tinted /Cream / Light brown.
Asil eggs  Medium.
 40 to 70 eggs per year. Very seasonal layers.
 Augsburger.  White.  Augsburger chickens eggs Large.
 150 / 180 eggs per year.
 Ayam Cemani.
 White.  Ayam cemani eggs at a poultry show.  Small.  70 to 90 eggs per year.
 Dark Brown.
Beautiful chestnut brown barnevelder eggs   Large.  Mine laid and average of 186 in their first year.
Black Rock .
 Brown.  4
                  eggs from black rock chickens  Large.  260 /260 eggs per year. Colour fades over the season and the years.
Booted Bantam.    
 White / Tinted.  half a dozen tinted booted bantam eggs Small.
 100 / 120 eggs per year.
Bovans Hybrids.  Brown.  Bovans hybrid eggs  Large.  260 / 290 eggs per year.
Brabanter.  White.    Large.  140 / 160 eggs per year.
 Tinted / Brown.  Brahma
                  eggs on display  Large.  140 / 160 eggs per year.
Brakel.  White.    Small.  180 eggs per year.
 Breda  Cream
/ White.
 160 to 180 eggs per year.
 Bresse.  White.  La bresse gauloise eggs.  Large.  160/180 eggs per year. Highly seasonal layers.

Burford Brown

Burford brown eggs


160 / 180 eggs per year.
 Campine.  White.  Eggs from campine chickens  Medium.  150 to 170 eggs per year.
 Cinnamon Queens.
 Brown.  Eggs from cinnamon queen chickens  Large.  260 / 280 eggsper year.
 Cream / Light brown.
 Eggs from cochin chickens Medium.
160 eggs a year.
 Cream Legbar. Blue-green.
 cream legbar eggs are blue / green.  Large.  160 / 180 eggs per year.
 Crevecoeur.  White.  Crevecoeur eggs at a poultry show.  Medium.  120 eggs per year.
 Croad Lansghan. Brown /
Pink or purple depending on bloom.
 croad langshan best eggs winners  Large.  140 to 160 eggs per year.
 Derbyshire Redcap.  White.  Derbyshire redcap eggs  Large.  200 eggs per year.
 Dominique.  Brown.  Eggs from dominique chickens  Large.  220 / 240 eggs per year.
 Dorking White
/ Tinted.
 Tinted or cream eggs from dorkings  Medium.  140 /150 eggs per year.
 Dutch Bantam  White / cream.
 dutch bantam eggs  Small. 140 / 160 eggs per year.
 Easter eggers. Green / blue /  Various.  eggs from easter egger chickens can be almost any
                  colour  Large.  180 / 200 eggs per year.
 Faverolles.  Light brown / pink.
   Medium.  220 /240 eggs a year.
 Fayoumi.  Cream / Tinted.
   Medium.  150 eggs per year.
 Friesian  White.    Small.  220 eggs per year.
 Frizzle.  White / Tinted.
 Small.  120 to 140 eggs per year.

German bush fowl.


Green eggs from german bush fowl


160 to 180 eggs per year.

German Langshan.
 Brown  German langshan eggs  Large.  180 eggs per year.
 Golden comets.  Brown.  Eggs from golden comet chickens  Large.  240+ eggs per year.
 Gold tops.  White / cream.
 A gold
                  top egg  Small.
 120 / 140 eggs per year.
 White.    Medium.  140 eggs per year.
 Houdan.  White.    Medium.  150 eggs per year.
 Hy-Line.  Brown.  Eggs from the hyline red sex link  Large.  240 / 260 eggs per year.
Indian (Cornish) Game.
 Brown / light brown.
   Small.  160 / 180 eggs per year.
 ISA Brown  Brown. ISA
                  brown hybrid eggs   Large.  240 / 260 eggs per year.
 Ixworth. Cream / Tinted.
240 / 260 eggs per year.
 Japanese Bantam.  Cream /Tinted.
 a selection of 6 japanese bantam eggs  Small / tiny.
 100 to 140 eggs per year.
 Jersey Giant.  Brown /Light brown.
   Large.  240 / 260 eggs per year.
 Ko-Shamo.  Light brown.    Small.  140 / 160 eggs per year.
 Kraienkoppe.  Cream / Tinted.
   Medium.  200 eggs per year.
 White.  white eggs from lakenvelder chickens  Medium.  150 to 170 eggs per year.
 leghorn eggs that won best in show  Large.  260 / 280 eggs per year.
 La Fleche. White.
   Large.  150 /160 eggs per year.
 Lohmann Brown.  Brown.  Eggs from the lohmann brown red sex linked
                  hybrid  Large.  260 / 280 eggs per year.
 Malay.  Light brown / Cream.
   Medium.  120 eggs per year.
 Very dark brown.
 Really dark brown eggs from marans chickens.  Large.  140 / 160 eggs per year.
 Marsh Daisy.  Tinted / Cream.
   Small.  220 to 250 eggs per year.
 Minorca.  White.    Large.  120 to 160 eggs per year.
 Modern Game.  White.    Medium.  50 to 70 eggs per year.
 Modern Langshan.  Brown.    Medium.  150 eggs per year.
 Nankin.  White / tinted.
 eggs from the nankin true bantam  Small.  80 to 100 eggs per year.
 New Hampshire Red.  Brown / light brown.
 eggs from the new hampshire red chicken. Large.
 260+ eggs per year.
 Norfolk Grey.  Tinted / cream.
   Medium.  200 / 220 eggs a year.
 North Holland Blue.  Light brown.
   Large 150 to 170 eggs a year. 
 Old English Game.  Tinted / Cream.
 Eggs from the old english game chicken.  Medium. 150 to 170 eggs a year.
 Old English Pheasant Fowl.  White.  old english pheasant fowl white eggs  Large.  200 eggs a year.
 Olive eggers.  Olive green.
Various shades.
                  olive egg   Large.  160 to 180 eggs per year.
 Light brown.
                  egg from an orpington chicken  Large.  180 to 200 eggs per year.
 Pekin.  Light brown.
                  from my pekins  Small.  100 eggs per year.


Dark brown.

Penedesenca bark brown eggs


150 eggs a year. 
 Plymouth Rock.  Light brown / Brown.
 Winning eggs plymouth rock  Large. 260 to 280 eggs per year.
 Poland.  White. 3 polish bantam chicken eggs   Medium.  200 eggs a year.
 Rhode Island Red.  Brown.  6 eggs from my rhode island reds  Large.  220 / 240 eggs per year.
 Rhodebar. Tinted / cream.
   Large. 200 eggs per year.
 Rosecomb.  White / tinted.
 a single rosecomb bantam egg  Small.  100 to 120 eggs a year.
 Rumpless Araucana.  Blue.  rumpless arucana eggs  Medium.  160 to 180 eggs a year.
 Rumpless Game.  Cream / Tinted.
   Medium.  160 to 180 eggs per year.
Russian Orloff.
 Light brown.
   Medium.  100 to 120 eggs per year.
 Scots Dumpy.  Cream / Tinted.
   Large.  180 eggs per year.
 Scots Grey. Cream.
   Large.  140 / 160 eggs per year.
 Sebright.  White. 6 eggs from the sebright bantam   Small. 50 to 70 eggs a year.


White / Light brown.

A selection of serama eggs


50 to 70 eggs a year.
 Shamo.  Brown. Light brown.
 An egg
                  from a shamo  Medium.  80 Eggs per year.
 Sicilian Buttercup.  White.  Small white eggs from the sicilian buttercup
                  chicken  Small.  180 eggs per year.
 Silkie.  Tinted / cream.
                  Silkie eggs at a poultry show  Small.  80 / 120 eggs per year.
White faced black.
 Eggs from the spanish white faced black chicken  Large  180 eggs per year.
 Speckledy.  Brown.  eggs
                  from the speckladt hybrid  Large.  180 / 200 eggs per year.
 Sulmtaler.  Cream / Light brown.
 eggs from sulmtaler chickens  Medium  120 / 140 eggs per year.
 Sultan.  White.  sultan chicken eggs  Small.  50 / 70 eggs per year.
 Sumatra.  White.  one sumatra chickens egg  Medium.  100 / 120 eggs per year.
 Sussex.  White / cream.
 a selection of eggs from my light sussex
                  chickens  Large.  220 /240 eggs per year.
 Transylvanian Naked Neck.  Cream / Light brown.
 transylvanian naked neck eggs  Medium.  100 /120 eggs per year.
 Vorwerk. White.
 a vorwerk egg  Large.  200 / 220 eggs per year.
 Welbar.  Brown.  2
                  speckled welbar eggs  Large.  180 / 200 eggs per year.
 Welsummer.  Dark Brown.
                  brown eggs from the welsummer Large
 140 / 160 eggs per year.
 White Star.  White.  6 eggs from the white start leghorn hybrid Large.
 260 / 280 eggs per year.
 Wyandotte.  Cream / brown.
                  wyandotte chickens egg  Large.  180 / 200 eggs per year.
 Tinted.  A
                  gold Wybar egg  Large.  180 / 200 eggs per year.
 Yokohama  White / Tinted.
yokohama eggs at a poultry show   Medium.  80 / 120 eggs per year.