The National Poultry Show UK - My Experiences

A stunning blue laced Wyandotte bantam at the national poultry show

What can you expect and see at the National Poultry Show in Telford?

Or from any poultry show. I have been to hundreds and they are all broadly similar. The only thing that is really different from one show to the next is the size.

Poultry shows are where fanciers go to compete and show their birds and eggs and have the judged against the standards.

When you arrive you will need to buy a parking ticket which for the National this year (2018) was £4. You need to display it clearly in your windscreen.

When you enter the show you get a tamper proof wristband which entitles you to get in and out of the show halls whenever you want. The entrance fee this year was £15. They are cheaper in advance.

It is not transferable and taking it off destroys it.

So what can you see at poultry shows?

Firstly there are chickens, and plenty of them. This is winner in the Scots Dumpy class.

The individual winner up in championship row from which the best in show is chosen, amongst others.

Below: Championship row.

You will also see a great many judges handling and judging the birds just like this one below. Please do not disturb them until after all the judging is finished in the competition.

Below: Please don't interfere with the judging especially if you are showing birds.

There is normally an egg show as well with hundreds of classes to compete in.

Below: Contents class in the eggs show.

There is also decorated egg classes so you can show off your skills in other ways.

Below: Decorated egg winner.

You will also find sponsorship stalls and all sorts of chickens of just about every colour, coop and supplies sales.

Below: Incubators on show.

You will also find ducks and turkeys in addition to chickens.

Below: A Narangansett tom.

The show is also a great place to catch up with the various clubs and organisations that oversee their breeds.

If you want to see some of the hundreds of pictures i took at the show then take a look at my Twitter feed.