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12 reasons not to have hens

Chickens are not for everybody.

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7 chickens based charities that need your help

Poultry could mean all the difference to some.

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Dealing with egg eaters

Egg eating is a distressing habit found mostly in younger pullets but can occur in older hens and very rarely with Roosters. It is a relatively rare problem is free range birds and is a little more common in confined ones. The big problem is...

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Looking after the Brooding Hen and her Chicks

A good broody hen will  teach her chicks how to eat, drink and scratch for food, call them under her wings when danger approaches, and provide warmth ( brood them) at regular intervals during the day and all night and generally give her chicks the best start in life

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Common Hazards for poultry

Especially if you have only a few birds it can be devastating to lose one or more to preventable hazards in the garden or yard. Even if you have a large flock it is still unfortunate to lose a chicken or duck as it always seems to be the case  that it I is the best bird that gets caught.

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Does Poultry pay?

I have been asking myself this question quite a bit recently, as I set out to just keep chickens for the eggs and breeding and never really considered any direct profit I could make and it is not the cheapest of hobbies.

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The Ultimate guide to buying chickens:

The top tips for purchasing birds from a breeder and what to watch out for at auctions. Getting rescue birds or growers from big operations.

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How to use diatomaceous earth – the complete guide to the safe use of DE:

Lets start with the coop – Dusting the coop - this involves using a plastic bottle with little holes in the lid to puff dust into the nooks and crannies of the coop. This method has the advantage of being effective immediately and easy to do. Using a puffer allows the Powder to get into all the little nooks and crannies of a coop and nest box

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Back to basics poultry keeping:

So can we decadent western poultry keepers learn anything from the scavenging subsistence flocks in rural India - quite a lot it seems.

From the country that gave us Asil, Indian Game and Brahma’s most chickens kept in the average Indian backyard flock are not recognisable as a breed as such. Birds of mixed parentage are the preferred choice for smallholdings. Chickens are generally kept in the exact opposite way to what we do and are left to free range completely with no resort to drugs or chemicals.

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