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Mealworms just may well be illegal to feed to chickens

Why is it illegal to feed mealworms to chickens

A thief in the night

Stop chickens from being stolen

The answers to chicken related frequently asked questions

Chicken FAQ

A chicken with an encyclopedia

Dictionary of Poultry words and terminology (inclucing acronyms)

An incubator full of day old chicks

What percentage of chicken eggs will hatch

A stunning show quality cockerel

Roosters and cockerels everything you need to know

Well bred black breasted game chickens

Inbreeding in chickens.

Defining pure or heritage breed chickens

What is a pure or heritage breed chicken

All about the complex genes of chickens

Chicken genetics, gene table and breeding

A breeding group of brown barnevelders

The Brown Barnevelder

A barnevelder hen on green grass

The Barnevelder hen

A show quality barnevelder hen

Barnevelder Clubs and Breeders

good examples of Barnevelder hens

Barnevelder faults

A trio of autosexing barred barnevelders in a show cage

The Autosexing Barred Barnevelder

2 young barnevelder chicks growing up well.

Barnevelder Chicks

A blue laced barnevelder hen free ranging on grass

Blue Laced Barnevelder.

A chestnut barnevelder cockerel in the sunshine

The Chestnut Barnevelder

A selection of Barnevelder eggs at a poultry show

The Barnevelder egg.

The beautiful chocolate brown barnevelder hatching eggs we sell

Buy Barnevelder hatching eggs.

How much do barnevelder chickens cost and where can you get them

Where to get Barnevelders and how much to pay for them.

A double laced barnevelder cockerel

Sexing Barnevelders

A blue splash barnevelder hen free ranging on grass

The Splash Barnevelder

A beautiful example of a double laced barnevelder hen

The Double Laced Barnevelder

A show bantam barnevelder that scored 95 out of 100 points in judging.

Bantam Barnevelders

A show quality black barnevelder hen on display.

The Black Barnevelder

A show quality trio of white barnevelders

The White Barnevelder

My trio of partridge barnevelders

Partridge Barnevelder

An stunning silver laced barnevelder bantam

Silver Laced Barnevelder.

A show quality Barnevelder bantam at a poultry show.

Barnevelder characteristics.

Two young gold double laced barnevelder chicks free ranging on pasture

Types and colours of Barnevelders

A barnevelder hen sunning herself in the sunshine

Barnevelder image and video gallery

A selection of brown eggs from barnevelder hens

The history of the Barnevelder

A stunning show quality silver laced barnevelder hen

Barnevelder breed standard

A show quality blue splash barnevelder hen on pasture

Showing Barnevelders

A double laced barnevelder show quality hen

The Barnevelder breed profile

Pictures, video and measurements to show what is going on iside the egg during the 21 days of incubation

What is happening inside the egg during incubation?

A broody then that abandoned her nest.

Why do hens abandon their nests and eggs?

Hens can spot bad eggs quite well

Why do hens push eggs out of the nest?

An incubator in use hatching chicks

Why do incubators fail?

An incubator with an exterior water tank and humidity pump

Why do incubators need water?