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Escaped chickens are quite common but can be hard to catch

I have found an escaped or abandoned chicken, now what?

Some young chicks on grass in the sunshine

I cannot keep my chickens.

A flock of chickens free ranging on pasture

Will chickens kill my grass and ruin my lawn?

Can you successfully incubate a craked egg like this one.

Will a cracked hatching egg survive incubation.

A row of Pekin bantams on a perch

Where to get Pekin bantams and how much to pay.

A photo of Pekin chickens from an old poultry book

History of Pekin chickens.

A breeding flock of 1 cockerel and 5 pekin hens

Pekin breed standards and faults.

A pekin chick hatching in the incubator.

The incubation and hatching of Pekin bantam eggs.

There is an extraordinary number of colours and feather patterns for the Pekin bantam

Pekin Bantam colours and patterns.

A selection of 12 Pekin bantam eggs from my flock

Are Pekin Bantams good egg layers?

A flock of Pekin hens in the garden

Are Pekin Bantams noisy?

A fuly grown Pekin bantam

How big do pekin bantams grow?

A broody barnevelder hen on a nest

7 ways to break broody hens and 6 ways to prevent broody hens.

Chicks are cute but get sick easily and die quickly

Whats wrong with baby chicks that are sick, unwell or dying?

What is the egg song and why do chickens cluck after laying an egg

Why do hens squawk and cluck after laying eggs?

A barnevelder rooster basking in the sunshine

How long do roosters live?

Looking after chicks is hard work and one of thre pros of chickens keeping

What are the Pros and Cons of raising backyard chickens?

A selection of chickens eggs

Do the hens mind you take their eggs?

A cuckoo Pekin Bantams perching .

Pekin Bantams.

A true bantam cockerel in a show cage

The True Bantams.

A broody Barnevelder hen sat on a clutch of eggs

What I learned hatching eggs naturally with a broody hen.

A selection of cream, brown, chocolate and green eggs from chickens.

Why do chickens lay different coloured eggs?

A nest with a fresh chickens egg.

Why do chickens lay eggs?

A selection of different coloured chickens eggs

How many eggs will my chickens lay?

A flock of chickens being scatter fed with corn

Scatter feeding chickens

A breeding flock of barnevelder chickens eating sprouted grains

Sprouted grains for chickens with 17 types tested

A small flock of my chickens eating sweetcorn

Can chickens eat corn, sweet corn and maize?

My chickens eating peas as a treat

Can chickens eat peas?

My chickens eating salad leaves and lettuce

Can chickens eat salad, lettuce and spinach leaves?

Can chickens eat cauliflower and greens.

My chickens eating some pasta leftovers.

Can chickens eat pasta or noodles?

A hatch of dry fluffy chicks ready to move to the brooder

When to move chicks to the brooder.

Red hens free ranging on grass

When is a pullet ready to lay eggs?

A chick hatching in an incubator

When is it safe to open the incubator?

A broody Silkie hen

Can you move a broody hen?

A classic blood ring inside an incubated chickens egg

Blood rings in incubated eggs and how to avoid them.

2 hens fighting while a cockerel watches them

Why chickens fight and how to stop it.

A mixed age flock of chickens basking in the sunshine

How do you tell the age of chickens?

dealing with and preventing bird flu

Bird Flu FAQ and some practical advice for Avian Influenza.

A stunning blue laced Wyandotte bantam at the national poultry show

The National Poultry Show UK - My Experiences